Saturday, September 26, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
The week began with "Miner" working with his Civil Air Patrol squadron serving at the Joint Base Andrews Open House. 

My son got to don the Eagle mascot costume.
 Mom and dad did not go, but some fabulous photos were taken.

The long day took its toll, though, and "Miner" was feeling poorly when he got home, which developed into a bad cold  by morning. In spite of my school plans, he took sick days Monday and Tuesday (did minimal school). Wednesday was a public school holiday, and he took yet again a minimal day. So M-W he did Literature, History (biography) and some grammar.

Thursday he was doing much better, and got his morning run in, as well as Chemistry and Algebra 2. Thursday night "Miner" got promoted to Senior Airman at the Civil Air Patrol meeting.

Friday was a replay of Thursday minus PE and CAP, adding in some merit badge work.

Short report for a short week. Even though it was "short", we were happy when Friday arrived.

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