Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
We pulled a "Not Back to School" of our own by going on vacation the week our local schools started. I haven't done any "Friday Wrap-Up"s in forever, though, so I'll tell you about our past month instead of just the past week.

I did a lot of decluttering and book-purging during July and August, but still have much to do.

My son continued with the Civil Air Patrol, marched in the local Independence Day Parade, 

the Labor Day Parade, volunteered for the local Fitness Fest, 

and received his first promotion. 

It might even have been July when we drove to see our daughter and SIL, who now live (I think it is) 75 miles south of us. She now has chickens, in addition to her dogs. 

We went to our county Fair many days. Hubby and I volunteered at The Big Cheese (food shack that sells grilled cheese sandwiches, among other things) and the 4-H Bake Sale. My daughter drove up one day and we walked around and looked at the displays. One was a bodacious 7'-long gourd that was grown in a suburban neighborhood garden near us!

My son walked around in his horse mask one evening, getting many comments from passers-by.

We had a week of rest, recovery, and school planning, and one VERY long day working to get the son his Learner's Permit. (We waited our turn at the MVA only to be sent to the County. No one told us we must have a letter from the county school system to present to the MVA at the time one requests the Learner's Permit. We drove to the County offices only to find the right person in a meeting for two hours, so we sat and waited. Then we went back to the MVA, waited again, and finally left with a new driver-in-training.)
and then we left town the day before public school started and went to the beach.

"Miner" did some sand sculpture.

We hiked a mile down the beach to what we call the "Shell Tree".

We enjoyed many great sunsets.

One day we rented a boat and spent the day fishing. 

We caught lots of big fish. 

NOT! But we had fun anyway!

My daughter and her husband were able to join us for a day,

And we went back to the beach!

We went to a place I have many childhood memories from, Capt. Bob's, and I took lots of photos that I will treasure. I won't post them all here.
Our week came to an end, and we returned home. One day of cleaning up from vacation (Labor Day to do laundry and more school preparation), and we started our school year.

First day of school. 

This year my 10th Grader is studying:
  • Bible;
  • Physical Education (including CAP Physical Training) AND Driver's Ed;
  • Algebra 2;
  • Spanish 1;
  • Chemistry;

  • Tapestry of Grace Year 3 History (1800's);
  • 10th Grade English, including: IEW "Fix It Grammar"; IEW "Student Writing Intensives";
    and Literature, including Progeny Press "Intro to Poetry", When Worlds Collide
    and a mish mash of Tapestry Year 3 Literature blending a 2002 Tapestry Literature plan with a 2015 Tapestry Literature plan.

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