Monday, June 29, 2015

Menu Monday for 6/29/15
Here is my vegan/carnivore blended Menu Monday for this week (Vegan in parentheses when carnivores are eating meat):

Sunday (6/28):
Steak, salad, fried onions, corn on the cob, baked potatoes (salad, corn, baked potato with vegan chili) (Daughter’s birthday bash)

Monday (6/29):
Red beans over quinoa with kale (E2 Diet p 178)

Tuesday (6/30):
Creamy cauliflower soup. (E2 page 219)

Wednesday (7/1):
Eat loaf, green beans (P&RHD CB page 184)

Thursday (7/2)(CAP):  
Cheeseburgers on rolls, steamed carrots (veggie burger)

Friday (7/3):
Triple pepper-crowned risotto, broccoli, salad (P&RHD CB page 186)

Saturday (7/4):  
Hot dogs, beans, chips, yellow squash (veggie dog)

Key: FoK = Forks Over Knives
P&RHD CB=Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Cook Book

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