Monday, June 22, 2015

Menu Monday for 6/22/15

Here's my carni/vegan blend menu plan for this week:

Sunday (6/21/15):
Shish kabobs over rice (Beef and white rice for the carnivores)

Monday (6/22/15):
Penne pasta with chick peas & Spinach (page 146 - Forks Over Knives Cookbook)

Tuesday (6/23/15):
Corn Chowder, salad (corn bread for the carnivores)

Wednesday (6/24/15):
millet stew (page 124 - Forks over Knives Cookbook)

Thursday (6/25/15):
Broccoli Pie (page 230 - Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease)

Friday/ (6/26/15)
Carnivores eating pork chops, noodles and green beans/Vegan eating yam, brown rice and green beans

Saturday (6/27/15)
Spaghetti with frozen vegan tomato sauce, salad, carnivores eating Texas toast

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