Friday, June 12, 2015

How does your garden grow

Barbara, at Outdoor Hour Challenge, asked how my garden grows, so I decided it is time to report on my garden.
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Most of my garden is planted. This year I wanted more space, less crowding.
My tomatoes are doing well.
As is the one pepper plant we planted this year.

Some of the beans are doing okay.

But a lot of the green beans were eaten by some critter that got into the garden. That critter even ate a lot of my onions. I haven't seen any evidence of the yellow squash I planted yet, or the sunflowers. We just planted the green squash and the cucumbers less then a week ago, as well as some lettuce, thanks to my dear daughter B for blessing me with her labor!

So, here are the onions that still survive:

Mostly I feel like it is a never-ending battle against the "weedlings" (weed seedlings). There are hundreds of maple seedlings in the yard; I'm pulling them constantly. But even more difficult are the wire-grass sprouts that are coming up everywhere. 

Trying not to water today, as it's supposed to storm tonight. It's like a game, though, like washing your car. If I water, it will rain; if I don't water, it won't rain. I guess I had better go water.

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  1. Gardening can be such a pain AND such a reward. I always tell myself that its a good thing we have a grocery store so we aren't totally dependent on what comes out of our garden or we would go hungry. :)

    Your tomatoes look great!