Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Organizing for Year End

Organising Your Home School {Homeschool Link UP}
As each school year draws to a close, home school mommas everywhere scurry to get themselves organized.
  • Is my school year on track? Will we be done as planned so we can take the summer off?
  • For those who get an annual review, it is time to get those portfolios ready and schedule that portfolio review.
  • Form those home schooling high school, it is time to calculate grades and update that transcript.
  • What are we doing next school year? What materials do I need to purchase?
  • Are there items I will never use again? Is it time to declutter? Do I sell them, give them away, or throw them away?
  •  Is there a Homeschool Convention in my near future? What will my focus be? What do I want to buy? How much money do I have to spend?
This year my focus changes.

  • Celebrate graduation: party, cake, photos, diploma
  • What are the next steps for college?
  • When is the next college bill due?
  • Help son get a dorm room selected;
  • Will my son be able to get a summer job this year?
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter: Sell, give, toss.
  • Home maintenance tasks/renovations/repairs
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter
  • Get caught up on neglected house cleaning
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter...
Beyond the fact that my son is graduating, are you seeing a theme here? 

In May I leave home schooling behind. I started home schooling in January of 1992. For all practical purposes we might as well say Fall of 1991. That means I've home schooled 27 years.

So this year the topic of "Organization" no longer means scurry to plan and purchase for next year. My first order of business, at this point, is purge most evidence of home schooling from my household.

I recently boxed more than 15 boxes of school materials and headed to a home school used curriculum fair. It was only one hour long. I sold $130 worth of stuff and came home with ONE BOX LESS than I left with.

So now I'm working to figure out if I take the time to sell, or do I just find a quick way to get rid of stuff. Hubby wants me to just be done with all this stuff. On the other hand, I know there is money there to apply towards college text books, and I want to take the time to try to sell. We'll see.

So this week includes:
  • Tub man comes to resurface tub tomorrow;
  • Adjuster comes to see what damage the recent wind storm did to our exterior;
  • Tomorrow is the day my son gets to select his dorm room/room mate;
  • Make an appointment for my son's physical;
  • Make a date to get my annual portfolio review done, and
  • My son needs to fill out the Air Force ROTC Application
 Next week will include:
  • Having tub man resurface tub #2 
  • Listing some of the books for sale;
  • Senior photos being taken;
  • I can't even think what else right now...
So that's what "Organization" plans look like in my life right now. What do your spring organization plans look like this year?

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