Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Somebody had a birthday!

So I mentioned in my last post that someone had a birthday. When I can, I like to use birthdays for a photo review.

One year, on Thanksgiving Day, a son was born!

He was the youngest of three, and we love our little guy!

You can see there is quite a gap between #1 and #3 - thirteen years!

The years rolled by so quickly, it seems.

#1 graduated from homeschool and left home to attend college. #2 was almost finished with homeschool when #3 started home kindergarten.

#2 attended a private school for senior year, so when #3 was in 1st Grade I was homeschooling a "Lonely only"!






So #3 had a birthday! One more year of "childhood". He'll be 18 most of his senior year. On Thursday we did one more family photo - only mom, dad and #3.

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