Monday, August 15, 2016

Menu Monday for 8/15/16

Menu Plan Monday for the week of Aug 1/16 - recipe links and menu planning inspiration at I'm an Organizing Junkie

This week the County Fair is in full swing in my neck of the woods.

Hubby and I like to donate time to work in The Cheese Booth, where they serve up grilled cheese sandwiches. Unfortunately, this week we're in the middle of a scorcher of a heat wave! Like 100 degrees plus humidity!

Sunday was our Cheese Booth Day. You are probably reading this on Monday, but I am writing on Saturday before we cook in this heat. That hot four hour shift I am NOT looking forward to. 

We will eat at the fair a couple of nights this week. Hubby has a leadership camping weekend with some of our Boy Scouts Friday night, so I'm serving leftovers. That makes this week a pretty light cooking week. I'm glad. As I write this, my air conditioning is still not working correctly, although it is working some, so we're not as hot as we were last night (85 in the house last night). Repair man comes Monday. No repair planned on the dishwasher, so hand washing all dishes into the unforeseen future.

Well, here's the plan:

Saturday (8/13):  
B: blueberry morning
L: leftovers
D: Baked Stuffed Potatoes

Sunday (8/14):  
B: spinach omelette
L: Salad with chicken and tomato
D: Eating at County Fair

Monday (8/15):  
B: blueberry morning
L: leftover alfredo bake
D: Taco Salad Crunch

Tuesday (8/16):  
B: vegetable omelette
L: salad with tuna
D: baked chicken thighs, w/side salad and Brussels sprouts

Wednesday (8/17)
B: berry bowl breakfast
L: leftovers
D: Cabbage Beef Skillet

Thursday (8/18)(CAP)
B: strawberry protein smoothie
L: leftovers
D: eating at county fair

Friday (8/19)
B: blueberry morning
L: salad w/tuna
D: leftovers

Saturday (8/20):  
B: blueberry morning
L: leftovers
D: cheddar, bacon and veggie frittata

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