Thursday, August 4, 2016

Free Homeschool Materials

Homeschool Budgeting 101
In an effort to help you with your homeschool budget, I wanted to share with you some resources you might enjoy that you can use to homeschool that are FREE!

  • Ambleside Online is a free online curriculum. Sometimes you need additional books. Sometimes you can find these books for free online! The curriculum has plans for history, literature, some science, art (artist study), music (composer study) and Bible. It asks you to find a math curriculum.
  • The Baldwin Online Literature Project contains online copies of many books used in Ambleside Online. You can search by author or title. The books are free because their copyrights have expired. The site also sells paper copies of the books if you want them.
  • Librivox has books (beyond copyright) that have been read outloud and recorded by volunteers. It is completely free. It's a great resource, but unlike a normal recorded book some books have different voices for the different chapters!
  • Math Mammoth has lots of free math materials, but not a complete year's math curriculum.
  • The Potter's School looks like a complete curriculum, and it's completely free! You just need to register and you are in. You can use it for part or all of your subjects.
  • Supercharged Science offers a booklet with 30 fun science projects for free. Also, when you subscribe, Aurora sends out regular notices of free science classes that she televises periodically. 
  • Tapestry of Grace has two 3-week units available for free! Egypt  and The New World.
  • Kiss Grammar is a completely free site with a progressive grammar program for your students. 
  • Compass Classroom has a bunch of free downloads. Free Downloads
  • Spelling City has free resources to help your child's spelling and vocabulary. img-slider
  • Enrichment Studies offers lots of great freebies! Enrichment Studies
  • Fortuigence has some free writing programs for high schoolers.
Well, that's all I have time for. I hope you find something you can use!

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