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The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 - A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Review Crew
In September I learned that the Crew would be reviewing Brinkman Adventures again. At the beginning of October I learned that we had been selected for the review and would be receiving a CD set of The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3.
I knew from the start that I wanted to review these Adventures because we previously reviewed The Brinkman Adventures: Season 2 and I really liked the adventures. I wasn't sure how "Miner" would like them, though. When we reviewed
Season 2, he was so busy comparing the stories to another audio drama series that he was not objective and was not able to critique The Brinkman Adventures: Season 2 and I really liked the adventures. I wasn't sure how "Mines on their own merit. I was really glad we were receiving a CD set this time, because our prime time for listening to such things is when we are driving. I can download an MP3 to a CD, but I cannot get my car's CD player to play downloaded MP3s.

So I ended up "holding" onto these CDs without listening to them for days. (To me it felt like an eternity, because I wanted to listen to them!) The day I had been waiting for finally came -- the day we had an appointment together in a neighboring city, a 90-minute drive each way.

I was so pleased! Not only was I pleased with the Adventures, but I was pleased with "Miner"s reception of them! He warmed up slowly, but then gradually became involved in the story. You know those signs... Uninvolved: The CD is playing, and the individual talks over the story as if it is no big deal. Semi-involved: The CD ends and restarts, and the listener notices immediately and mentions it, turns off the CD, whatever. Involved: The CD ends, and the listener (unasked) is opening the CD case to get the next CD out of the case to pop into the machine. Totally Involved: You stop at the coffee shop, offering to buy the listener a beverage, and the listener gives you the order, asking you to leave the keys in the ignition so he can continue listening.

My son became totally involved in the Adventures. It was to the point that, now that I think back, I myself may not have listened to the entire series because I don't think I ever went back to listen to what I missed that day while he sat in the car!

The Season 3 audio adventure set is amazing! It has action, suspense, danger, miracles, encouragement, and challenged to us to up our faith. The faith actions taken by the missionaries in the story are fictionalized, but based upon true stories, and rival stories of famous missionaries of historic biographies.

One section of the missionary stories focuses on Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint. Nate Saint was the focus of the movie, "The End of the Spear", that told the story of the missionaries who were killed by the Acua natives of South America. Nate was killed with Jim Elliott and two other missionaries. Steve, Nate's son, grew up to do missionary work as well. Steve actually participates in the recording of these episodes. My first impression was that his voice sounded like someone who was not a professional recording artist. I later learned that Steve had experienced an injury to both his brain and his spine, and realized his voice is the voice of someone recovering from brain injury.

The episodes included in Season 3 are:
  1. God's Mule;
  2. Mountain Mover;
  3. The Silent Ambassador;
  4. Translating Trouble;
  5. Man-Up;
  6. Acorns & Oaks;
  7. A Saint's Story, Pt. 1;
  8. A Saint's Story, Pt. 2;
  9. Untouched;
  10. Busy Bees and a Bullhorn;
  11. Missionary Tourist, Pt. 1;
  12. Missionary Tourist, Pt. 2.
If you GO TO THEIR WEBSITE and sign up, they will let you download three free episodes and will send you their free quarterly newsletter. Also, AT THEIR WEBSITE, you can go behind the scenes and learn what really happened in each story, meet and communicate with the actual missionaries and watch behind-the-scenes videos and more!

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3, although my son is still admittedly comparing it to the other audio adventure series of his earlier childhood. He says he likes it! I think your family will, too. So, if your family enjoys audio adventures like mine does, consider investing in The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 and help support the Brinkman family's missionary work!

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