Sunday, February 23, 2014

President's Day Week - Wrap up

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Monday was President's Day, and we opted to take the holiday, so yet again we had a short week. Miner had the opportunity to share lunch and a movie with some other hope schoolers, so that was fun for him. We were expecting a new refrigerator to be delivered at the same time, so that's what I was doing Monday. After dropping Miner off with the group I came home and emptied the fridge into tote bags, which I then stored outside on our back deck, which was conveniently refrigerator temperature. Then the new refrigerator arrived, was installed, the old one removed, and I spent the next hour putting all the food into the new refrigerator. It's real nice. The old fridge was in this house when we moved in 15 years ago, and was two or three years old at that time. The ice maker had stopped working correctly long ago, and lots of plastic parts were cracked and broken. Hubby opted for a nice replacement fridge. Hopefully it will be a nice selling point for the house when it is time for us to relocate, when hubby retires. In the meantime I get to enjoy having the nicest refrigerator I've ever had! 
I sure try to be content, but I really love it when God blesses us abundantly every now and then. After the fridge arrived and Miner got home, we went to the Scout Store to get some supplies.  

Tuesday we opted to focus on Boy Scout Merit Badge work, working on reading part of the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge booklet, the Communications Merit Badge booklet, and the Citizenship of the Nation Merit Badge booklet. We also attempted to begin work on some of the requirements, but didn't finish anything that could be checked off by the Merit Badge Counselor. I also set up a notebook of the three Merit Badges to prepare Miner for the Merit Badge University at Catholic University Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday and Thursday were good, solid academic days with work on Bible, Algebra, Literature, History and Science, as well as Physical Fitness. I think we did Bible all five days. 

Friday started with finalizing preparations for Merit Badge University, and then was consumed by errands - haircut, dentist, allergy shot...

Saturday and Sunday were Merit Badge University. Miner worked on Emergency Preparedness, Communication and Railroading Merit Badges (last minute change).

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