Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Monday in February Menu Plan

Last week the family really enjoyed the recipes I prepared from Trim, Healthy Mama, so with confidence I roll into another week of THM recipes for our evening meals. Last week I had forgotten we weren't eating at home on Friday, so Friday's plan got bumped to Saturday, and Saturday's plan got bumped to Monday. So anyone who notices a repeat meal, that's why. It got bumped.

Here's the plan:

Cheddar Broccoli Soup (S-p335) [rolls]

SUNDAY (2/23)
Corned beef and Cabbage (p312), leftover broccoli [potatoes\

MONDAY (2/24)
Chicken stir fry (S-p342), veggies medly [rice], cauliflower "rice"

TUESDAY (2/25)
Easy (fantastic) meatloaf (p317) [mashed potatoes], mashed cauliflower, long green beans

Spinach bacon quiche (p319) [rolls], salad

Spinach lover’s italiano chicken (314) [spaghetti], spaghetti squash

FRIDAY (2/28)
Creamy mushroom pasta, salad [Texas toast egg noodles]

Baked chicken thighs (p322), broccoli [rice]
  The bracketed food are for my family but are not THM foods for that meal.

My breakfasts are alternating between oatmeal with frozen blueberries and bacon and eggs, with "Big Boy Smoothie" ever on my mind but not getting made much.

My lunches are alternating between cottage cheese/apple salad, deli lettuce wraps, and dinner leftovers, with Whey smoothies on my mind but... not getting made much.

I don't snack much, but I really enjoyed the THM smoothie I made last week with Almond milk, cocoa powder, blueberries, strawberries, whey, and ice. Yum!

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