Friday, December 13, 2013

Menu Monday for 12/9/13

Late this week. Sorry. Crazy weekend. We never shopped, and ended up eating out of the freezer.  Menu plan not done sooner. Here's my veggan/omnivore blend plan:

Sunday:  Two meals got bumped last week: one by pizza and one by excessive leftovers, so Sunday we had Broccoli Cheddar soup and vegan Broccoli Soup, from previous week's plans, served with salad and rolls.

Monday: Monday was the second meal from previous week's plans. We ate red beans and rice, with salad on the side.

Tuesday: Hubby decided tonight would be Steak-um Sandwiches and fries. I had vegan choices that I picked from.

Wednesday: Lemon chicken, noodles, and mixed vegetables. (Quorn "chicken" patty)

Thursday: Ravioli, sauce,  salad, garlic bread (whole wheat spaghetti, sauce with vegan crumbles, salad)

Friday: Driving a car-load of Boy Scouts to a cabin camping trip, so dinner on the road--have no idea if there will be vegan options.

Saturday: No son in the house -- maybe hubs and I will go out on a date!

Thanks for reading.

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