Monday, December 2, 2013

Menu Monday for 12/2/13

Here are my meal plans for the week of 12/1/13-12/7/13:

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: ravioli, salad, bread
World Food – Italia / Ravioli – La Compagnia dei Viaggiatori ...
Mon:  lemon chicken in the crock pot, rice, broccoli
Tues:  stew, salad, rolls
Wednesday: beans and franks casserole, green beans (I'm not actually using this recipe -- just going to call my MIL and ask her how she makes hers. I bought soy hot dogs for me, to make beans and franks for myself that are close to vegan.)
Thursdaybroccoli cheddar soup, salad, bread bowls (rolls)
Fridayred beans and rice, carrots
Saturday:  Dinner at Care Group

Here are additional dishes that I plan to make for the vegan meals I myself need:

Broccoli soup

I'll be adapting winter squash stew, with turnip, parsnips, and other veggies I picked up, and probably some beans for protein. 

I also copied a recipe for vegan potato leek soup, but not only did I fail to get the web link so I can give credit, I also failed to find leek at the grocery store this week, so I probably won't make that. I was also going to make black beans and rice, but I found an interesting red beans and rice recipe which I'll be making instead. Again, though, I got the recipe but forgot to get the web address, so try searching for it if you want it.

Have a great week!

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