Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Word to Apply to 2014


If I had to sum up my goals, hopes and plans for the new year in one word, it would have to be...


In other words, I have things I'd like to accomplish this year, and the only way to accomplish what I hope to accomplish is to be intentional to get these things done. Here are some of the things I plan to be intentional about this year:

Health and Weight Goals:
This year I would like to get my weight, my blood pressure, and my cholesterol into the range (for each) that my doctor says they should be.
I have 20 pounds to go, but 30 would be nicer. By the way, my jeans are not dirty, the mirror is! So achieving my goal will be accomplished through intentional care in what I am eating, and intentional increasing of my physical activity. I am currently still recovering from shoulder surgery mid-November, but I can start doing some walking in addition to the physical therapy activities I am working on each week.

An adult child married and moved out, and I thought that would relieve some of the house's clutter. But it didn't. They moved into a very small apartment, and I was hit with, "I don't have room for it right now, but I want it. Please can we still keep it in your house for awhile until we can get a bigger place?"  We're still working our way through the issue, but not quickly enough to make me happy. So, in the meantime I am trying to focus on my own clutter and declutter for 15 minutes a day most days. Intentionally.

Home School:
This year I need to finish homeschooling 8th grade, and start homeschooling... HIGH SCHOOL! Since I changed the basic History/Literature core I am using this year, a group of other regulars dropped out of our regular practices that I want to get back to.

Bible (Reading, Hymn Study, etc.):
For awhile my son was reading on his own fairly well, and I stopped doing reading and hymns together. I think we would both benefit from getting this back into our "together" time.

Nature Study:
Nature Study has slid off my radar these past five months. Even when I try, and take photographs, I haven't blogged about it. So this year I hope to come up with some achievable goals in Nature Study and follow through with them. Below, rabbit tracks in our first snow.

Composer Study:
Same as the others. Dropped out of our practices. I'd like to get back to it, even if only once a week.

Artist Study:
Same. Plan it, do it. Intentional.

Outdoor time/walks
This is really lacking, and my son and I both need it, so I'm going to try to integrate it into our plans.

High School:
I need to get my ducks in a row and implement high school well, keep good records, and prepare my son for what he wants to do as an adult. Right now his aspirations lean towards computers and engineering. We'll see. But I need to plot out his courses, settle on direction in certain areas, and keep good records. I've done this twice before. At least I have an idea of what I need to do. I don't want my record-keeping to be a game of "catch up" this time.

I plan to continue my geneology studies and posts of family history and stories, to benefit my own kids, my nieces and nephews, and other distant relatives who are interested.

Product Reviews:
I am, once again, on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew. Our review year runs January to November, and I intend to be intentional and careful about what products I ask for, what I volunteer to review. I still owe some other vendors reviews, and I need to be intentional about getting them done and out of the way.

I am working this year to be intentional in my close relationships. Sometimes, when we get busy, we meet all our outside commitments but let down those closest to us. I want to be intentional to make sure this doesn't happen. 

I am already intentional in certain areas, and in these areas I intend to maintain -- menu planning, shopping, meal preparation, blogging, etc. My housekeeping has slipped, but I plan to bring it back in line. 
So, how about you? Do you have a word that would sum up your plans for 2013? Let me know.

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