Thursday, August 25, 2011

County Fair, Part 2, with photos

County Fair was lots of fun this year! My son and I both entered items into competition, and we both did well.

My son got a special award for his cherry tomatoes, which I didn't get a photograph of, as well as a nature craft that he entered:

He also entered an electronic quiz board, shown here, as well as a Snap Circuits A.M. Radio that got a special award (no photo),
a blue ribbon on a soda-bottle rocket he made:

a blue ribbon on a jar lamp he made as part of the 4-H electric project:

and blue and red ribbons on some of his paintings:

DS also entered his hamster in the pet show and came away with several ribbons.

Then lots of rides on "Ride Day" (our family usually does rides only once a year).

Then I got to look at how my own fair entries did. My boys' slacks and boys pajamas got blue ribbons,
as did my latch hook rug, my blue teddy bear, and my fuzzy, floppy bunny with no face. I got a champion ribbon on my blue ribbon chocolate chip cookies with nuts. My other entries, some got no ribbons, some got lesser ribbons:

These are a crocheted market bag, a crocheted rub in bright colors, and a sewn pair of fleece booties. I had also made entries of a crocheted baby hat and booties, and a sewn apron, plus some other cookies.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Those are some awesome projects.
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