Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unexpected blessing

Sorry I didn't post for a week -- I had an unexpected blessing, but it set me back...

One evening last week my hubby took me out shopping, and he bought me a new laptop! My old laptop was five years old, and it had gotten very slow. He wants to rebuild it and make it available for our student.

So, the setback is over the unexpected time it takes to transition from one computer to another. I could not believe how difficult this has been.

Okay, for one thing this computer does unexpected things. Like a moment ago I pushed the "enter" key to start a new paragraph, and instead this blog entry posted to my blog! No reason, no explanation. I don't get it.

Another example, my computers are on a network, so I wanted to easily move files from computer 1 to computer 2. But it wouldn't work. Computers were disconnecting from the network, and that seemed to be related to...

Oh, the earthquake. On the day of the earthquake, the kitchen computer died. (Oh, days later, fortunately, my husband was able to perform c.p.r. - computer pressed-air ressussitation... ha! ha!) That was the same day my computer 1 stopped talking to computer 2, and neither computer was willing to talk to the printer, and on and on!

Let's not forget the Math lessons I entered into my 36-week lesson planner up to week 17 or so that I saved, but which disappeared for some reason.


But, I'm finally beginning to recover from this transition to my new blessing. Wanted to post an explanation first, and next I'll post an update of our county fair fun!

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