Sunday, August 14, 2011

County Fair 2011

Fair days have arrived.

Monday (8/8) I went to the Fairgrounds to enter our 4-H Club's banner that we updated to reflect our current 4-H Year. Our banner got a 1st place ribbon and also a Champion ribbon! (No photos of anything yet; I'll have to post those a bit later; been too busy!)

Wednesday my son entered his "non-perishable" 4-H items, which included:
Pencil self-portrait; water color of our dog; acrylic painting of a mountain sunset; a bottle rocket from 2 2-liter soda bottles; an electric jar-lamp; an electric game board; a loom-knitted hat; a stone mozaic; a nature craft; and several more things. (again, photos soon.)

Friday I entered my own "open class" fair entries, which included boys' pajamas, boys' slacks; an apron; sewn baby booties; a crocheted tote, crocheted booties; a crocheted rug; a latch hook rug; chocolate chip cookies; a needlepoint pillow; and several other items.

Saturday my son entered his "perishable" 4-H entries: 5 cakes; 3 types of cookies; garden vegetables; citizenship baskets; etc. I also entered some items our club had put together: citizenship baskets. We then worked at the 4-H Bake Sale until 10:00 pm.

Today (Sunday) was the 4-H Parade. We woke to pouring rain! But by the time we got to the fairgrounds after church, the weather had gone from parade doubtful to parade possible, and progressed to parade definite! Our club got a 2nd place ribbon for its walking unit!

None of my son's cakes got 1st place, so we did not stay for the 8:00 cake auction this year. We're resting up. Tomorrow's the day we've set aside for the carnival part of the fair!

Happy summer, all!

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  1. Congratulations on the blue ribbon! & a champion ribbon! So neat that you are involved in 4H. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the fair! and Thanks for the link to your blog! :)