Monday, August 7, 2017

Menu Monday for 8/7/17

Time marches on, and it is time, once again, for a new menu plan. Where I am there is rain all day today, with flash flood watch in effect and thunder and lightning in the future. Very gray and dismal - warm, but resembles late September or something. Anyway...
Little weight update, in my weight loss journey I have lost close to 25 pounds on my 5'3-1/2" frame since January of 2016. Well, the weight-loss efforts began a decade before that! Here are photos:

2006:                    2016:                      Today:
Since 2006 I've gone from a size 16 to a size 10 in jeans, size XL to size M in most shirts. Recently I've been following Jenny Craig, but right now I'm transitioning more to unprocessed foods, with more vegetables, healthy lean protein and whole food fats (olives, avocados), and avoiding starches and sugars. You'll still see the starches in my plans below, though, as my husband and son are still eating them. Here are the plans:
Saturday (8/5): Balsamic Salmon, Almond green beans, noodles

Sunday (8/6):  Dinner at Becky’s

Monday (8/7): roasted Chicken, broccoli, brown rice  

Tuesday (8/8): Dijon pork, salad, golden potatoes

Wednesday (8/9): paprika turkey, zucchini, yams

Thursday (8/10) (CAP):  beef brisket, mashed potatoes, carrots

Friday (8/11):  Date night: Dinner out



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