Monday, July 27, 2015

Menu Monday 7/27/15
Here are my vegan/carni-blended menu plans for this week:

Sunday (7/1926):  
Asparagus Soup, salad, Wasa crisp bread

Monday (7/27):
Summer Vegetable Pesto Bake (p 249 FoK)

Tuesday (7/28):
Steak subs (portabello mushroom/onion sub - skip the cheese), cole slaw (salad)

Wednesday (7/29):
Grandma’s Chili, salad, corn bread

Thursday (7/30)(CAP):
Dinner out or leftovers

Friday (7/31):
Chicken broccoli farfalle (whole wheat broccoli farfalle with faux chicken or beans)

Saturday (8/1):  
Koshari (page 210 FoK)
I have so manay vegan leftovers right now that I easily eat vegan leftovers whenever I'm making a non-vegan meal for the meat eaters. 

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