Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Menu Monday for 12/1/14

Menu Plan Monday for the week of November 17/14

For anyone who is reading my weekly menu plan, I mean really reading it, a pattern may have become apparent to you. Some of my family gave me input into the desires for main dishes, and I was requested to serve, every week, both tacos and chicken Caesar salad. So, if you noticed that repetition, that is the reason it is there.

This week's "go to" vegan back up meal (and lunch leftovers) is black beans and rice. I've been concerned that there has been to much reliance on soy in previous weeks, and I'm hoping an issue I'm experiencing might be a side effect of that which might clear up with reducing soy. We'll see. Here's the plan:

Saturday (11/29):
Tacos, chips, veggies, (vegan bean buritoes)

Sunday (11/30):
Turkey tetrazzini, leftovers, mixed vegetables (the vegan(s) ate meat)

Monday (12/1):
Chicken Caesar salad, garlic bread (black beans and rice)

Tuesday (12/2):
Hamburgers, rolls, tomatoes, lettuce, potato chips (Amy's quarter pounders)

Wednesday (12/3):
Pork chops, apple sauce, browned potatoes, Brussels sprouts (black beans & rice)

Thursday (12/4)
Herbed chicken, rice, broccoli (faux chicken patty or black beans and rice)

Friday (12/5):
Salmon, yams, spinach (yam as main dish)

Saturday (12/6):
Chicken parmesian, noodles, green beans (faux chicken patty or black beans and rice)

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