Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letters from Esther #12

I am writing up a series of letters my grandmother, Esther, sent "home" to her siblings in North Dakota as she traipsed around the world working for the State Department as a working woman before it was chic. Letters were chosen over phone calls because long distance calls were expensive, and it was sometimes difficult to hear well at a distance.

This letter is the next letter I have from Esther by date.

E. Holien
17909 Pr. Philip Dr.
Olney, Md. 20832

To Jen & Rudy Efraimson
Perth, N. Dak. 58363

June 10, '87

Dear Jennie, Rudy and all:

I made our reservations for our trip the other day so now I can give you the exact time of our arrival. We'll be in Devils Lake on July 25th at 2:14 p.m. Hope that's o.k. with you and that you can meet us. The worst part though is that the only plane we can get for our return trip on Sat. Aug. 1st is at 5:25 a.m. Guess you're used to that though.

One of those cold fronts from Canada reached here during the night and it really feels quite chilly this morning after all the hot weather we've had. They say it may not even get to 80 today.

Yesterday Carole's club that she belongs to had a big day for the women golfers so we played and afterwards they had a big luncheon and gave out the awards. We didn't win anything though. Our putts especially were lousy.

Can't think of any earth-shattering news from here. Everyone is fine. Wayne's were over on Friday evening and all of Carole's boys and Ida's were over on Sunday for a Crab feast. Carole got a bushel of crabs and cooked them herself -- I made some cole-slaw and dip for vegetables; and our next-door neighbor brought over some cake. They attended too. Of course we didn't finish all the crabs so I spent Monday morning cleaning the left overs. Got a pound oleo container full so we can have some crabs cakes or salad at some future time.

Here are a few pictures from the last batch I took -- Kathy really is big already although the baby isn't due until September. Carole and Jessie are sitting in our Flintstones rock garden the boys fixed up a few years ago. And aren't the azalea's pretty. Those are in the front yard. The ones in the back are getting nice too but aren't nearly as big yet.

We're looking forward to seeing you-all.

Much love,


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