Friday, November 30, 2012

Think Back Thursday - Self Portrait

This week's theme is self-portrait. I am so happy to be able to say I have my "ducks in a row" for this one. I don't have a scanner, so my apologies in advance for any photos that are lesser quality -- I have to create them by photographing the photograph with my digital camera. 

Newborn me: 
First year:
Kindergarten -- apparently I was not happy that my mom hadn't gotten my bangs trimmed and I took things into my own hands. She tried to even them out, but I had gone straight up the middle with the scissors. (Every one of my children has found a way to do the exact same thing at one time or another! ::sigh::) --
2nd Grade -- I remember this one --  I remember being so upset with my hair. She found time to swing by the 7-11 to buy special barrettes for me so that I would look nice for my photo.

4th and 5th grade photos weren't great -- and I can't even find them right now. By 6th grade I was trying to look nice, and I pulled my hair back in a pony tail.
 Fast forward through greasy complexion and greasy hair, to senior photo at the ripe age of 16.
Thanksgiving with my fiance, aged 19, 
Twelve years later, a growing family
A few years later, with my 8 year old.
Glasses, haircoloring, and a few more pounds...
Still coloring...
 Gone "natural"...
And to today, a little longer hair.
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  1. Thanks for linking up... your link is showing in the Linky now... so don't worry.

    I love your progression of photos. No problem that you had to photograph the photos, though I do love my scanner!

    My favorites were your preschool photo (I love that expression) and your current, longer, natural color hair photo.

    Thank you so much for participating in my meme. I hope you have a blessed week. Hugs.

  2. Love your photos! I think most of us have "trimmed" our own hair (or perhaps a sibling's hair...) at some point when we were kids. LOL I love your current picture - you look beautiful with your hair gone natural. Someday I might be brave enough to let mine go its own way. ;-)

  3. What decided me was that my joints (literally - arthritis!) caught up with my natural color. I got tired of feeling embarassed when, at Awanas, I was pulling out a folding chair when all the other adults were sitting on the floor with the kids. No one ever said anything to me like that I should sit on the floor, but I was still embarassed. Or when I wasn't running with the kids during their game time. And my skin is so nice that when I color my hair people would just assume I was at least ten or more years younger than I actually am. I am much more comfortable, now (usually) with my white shades showing through the older darker color. Now people see and know I am older. But I colored all through my 40's, and then some. And I may go back to it some day, but I was coloring it myself about every four weeks. And when I rinsed the color away, I myself could already see the white showing through at the temples. ::sigh::

    Thanks for visiting and for commenting.