Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Doggy Tail

It is March. The weather is unbelievable!

Last week, mid-March, the grass was already too long.  B and S got lost in the "jungle". A search party had to be sent out. This is apparently where they had taken refuge when S had decided all was lost:

Well, the pups still needed to go out, so I rounded them up and headed them out. Most of them were unwilling to go far from the house. I mowed a lane of grass, and they stayed there, all except P, who was fearless!

Well, it needed mowing, plain and simple. So, I mowed it.

When I was done six very happy puppies cavorted in new territory, where they had previously been afraid to go.

And then a week went by, and it rained on three or four days of that seven day week, and the lawn again needs to be mown!

For those who are wondering at this random blog entry, I did it for a friend who was missing her puppies so that she could see how they are doing.  Fear not. I will make all effort to soon get back to my previously scheduled entries of nature study, artist study and composer study!

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