Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AO Composer Study: Mendelsohn

I am working and working to be caught up and organized, but I feel like a hamster on a running wheel, like I'll never get there. (This analogy really works: when I work less, as in run less quickly, I still manage to keep things going, by God's grace; when I work, work, work, I still don't feel like I'm any farther ahead, because all I can see is that I missed this, I missed that... ::sigh::)

So, my Daily Lesson Planner is in sync with AO with the History reading assignments. I have transitioned my Science plans to dovetail with a friend, and we've started Bob Jones Life Sciences. We are in Lesson 3, and it won't get finished in this school year, but my friend will finish it during the summer, and I might or might not. I'm okay with doing just half of it. We were doing other Science before, so we're not going to come up as "insufficient" at our review. I don't want to sacrifice my summer over it unless something magical happens and my son suddenly starts to love it as we get into more hands-on activities, which we will.

So my focus today is getting Composer Study more up to snuff.

Eh.... I need to go do school. Homeschooling is getting in the way of my planning to homeschool. ;-)

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