Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday sundries

July 16th, and we have the windows open. I'm lovin' it! Was in the 60's last night! This will do our electric bill good...

So, looking back over my posts in June, I'm seeing I am a demonstration of big plans, little action. I'm going to have to take things in smaller bites if I want to get thins done.

So, JDs fair projects so far... things he's gotten done that will be able to be entered in 4-H:
  • chocolate chip cookies, no nuts -- in the freezer ready and waiting;
  • pencil drawing, if/when we get it properly mounted...
  • he had done another marker drawing, if I can only find it...
Sadly... that might be about all right now, so I really need to get on him...  and be organized.

Our 4-H club has also been working, meeting once/week for two hours. We have the following entries getting ready for entry:
  • Club banner;
  • Community Service cookie basket;
  • Community Service theme gift basket;

  • Community Service educational gift basket;
  •  Christmas ornaments

  • we might manage to enter what is called a "Shoebox Float"
  • and we'll be able to submit a Community Service garden variety basket (tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, onions, peppers, that sort of thing.)
  • We will also enter a "walking unit" in the 4-H Parade (that is to say our club will walk in the parade).
These entries are real important for our club because the premiums we get from the awards are a major source of fund raising for us.

I'm hating the whole photograph/download to computer/ add to blog photo/post to blog thing. I really need to get over that cause blogs are so much nicer with real photos. I'll work on it, okay?

I, personally, also like to work on items that I enter of things I make myself. This year, so far, I am working on the following:
  •  chocolate chip cookies, no nuts (in the freezer);
  • chocolate chip cookies with nuts (in the freezer);
  • sewing: baby booties (see below with crocheted hat and booties);
  • sewing - slacks, still need elastic in waist band.
  • crochet: baby set: hat, sweater booties;
  • crochet: baby booties;
  • crochet: baby hat;
  • knitting: hat;
  • latch hook: rug;
  • needlepoint: need to make it into a pillow;

  • cross-stitch: three completed projects that need to be mounted.
  • sewing: stuffed plush rabbit;  
  • sewing: teddy bear;
  • crochet: market tote bag
That kind of went all over the place... didn't stay in order. I have so much more that I wish I could do for fair, but don't know if I will. Things keep coming up to take my time, and familly vacation is coming. I can knit and crochet on vacation, but can't sew. So, I'm really going to try to do a few things the week after vacation before entry day. I have a pair of pants sewn that only need elastic in the waistband -- if I can just find them in my clutter. I wanted to sew a pair of PJs for JD. That's a bigger project, but doable. I need to spend this week trying to finalize some of the above projects so they don't get neglected in lieu of sewing, cause I so prefer sewing -- that and baking, which I can also do the first week in August.

So, hope you enjoyed the photos! I love comments.

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