Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Classroom

Summer is almost half way over. You've rested. You have attended your homeschool convention; you have purchased your curriculum. And now you are plotting out your next school year. You will plot out your 36-week daily-lesson-planner, and you will organize your School Room. What does it look like?

Well, here is what ours looks like.

The center of our classroom is momma's rocking chair, where I sit and do read-alouds.

The books to the left of the picture are the various books we are using in our homeschool -- I can clearly see the Comstock Handbook of Nature Study there... While I read, my son might sit on the couch (below), or sometimes we might snuggle up there together. Sometimes he might work on the coffee table drawing, or putting a jigsaw puzzle together, or working on Legos:
Facing the couch is our "Entertainment Center", which contains television, video player, dvd player, and wii game machine. We use the wii for our regular physical activity. But we also use that spot, at times, to lean our large map board which has, on one side, a United States map, and on the other side a world map (below):

When it is time to present math concepts, demonstrate cursive, or present new spelling, vocabulary, or Latin/Greek roots, I have a white board mounted right on my bookshelf (beside the one in the rocking chair photo). Below the white board I have a magnetic board that we use with All About Spelling magnetic letters:

For exercises that require handwriting, we use the coffee table shown above, but sometimes we move upstairs to the dining room table:

And once we are upstairs, I often finish my reading sitting in my more comfortable chair:

But my favorite section of our classroom is the great outdoors!

So, now it's your turn! Tell me about your "School Room"!

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