Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week in Review - 07-02-2016

The above photo is from last year. This year's parade hasn't happened yet!

This week's events started with an event last Wednesday when my son had a job interview at Trader Joe's for a summer internship. (Here he is on the way to the interview.)

Saturday he learned that he got the job! Other than his local work mowing, raking leaves and shoveling snow for neighbors, this is his first job!

Sunday we went to church. When we got home we found that my sister, who lives with us, had taken a fall while we were out. In addition to a black eye from hitting something on her way down (kitchen countertop probably), she dislocated her ankle! I'd never heard of that or seen that! I didn't get a photograph, but it was ugly. If I'd had a photo, you probably wouldn't have wanted to look at it! Her friend David came and took her to Kaiser as we needed to take our Civil Air Patrol cadet to summer encampment.

So mom, dad and cadet piled into the car with the gear and drove to the TriWing Encampment for check-in.

After check-in I asked the cadet for a parting shot.

On the way home we had dinner at a Texas Roadhouse steakhouse. Yum!

Monday morning my sister was still not home yet. They had to put her under general anesthesia to put the ankle back into joint. Then they did a CT scan to make sure her head was okay, then they took the cast off her ankle again and used a different tool to make sure things were lined up properly. She finally got home late afternoon sporting this beauty:

Modern health care - they sent her home Monday so they didn't have to pay for an overnight stay. Hubby took the day off Tuesday to escort her to a different facility to have ankle surgery - her cartilage is shot and they need to insert plates and/or pins or something.

Yes, this is on the way TO the car. Space is so tight the wheel chair had to go backwards!

Hours later, surgery postponed. She'll be in the hospital for a couple of days while they stabilize a few things. Hubby came home. Learned that she broke both tibia and fibia when she fell. 

Posted a review that was due this week.

Wednesday - my sister's surgery was performed in the wee hours of the night. They didn't even contact us! Something wrong with that! What if something had happened. We would have found out the next day when we checked on her. That's not right!

Thursday - had the night off from CAP since it is encampment week. Sweet!

  • dropped car off at mechanic to get brakes checked, oil changed, A/C looked at;
  • dropped dog off at a friend's to get an overnight get-away!
  • drove to Lancaster, PA for our get-away.
 On the way to Lancaster we stopped at some antique shops. Looking for some specific things. Came away with a mixer for my daughter (egg beater),

a crock to make pickles,

and a bowl that increases my Pyrex set by one! (I had the small bowl already.)

Enjoyed a dinner at a local restaurant, "Good and Plenty", with fried chicken, Brussels sprouts and "chow chow". Drove for awhile to enjoy country sites and farms.

Went to hotel pool and enjoyed some hot tub time. 

Saturday morning we visited a tourist attraction that was once actively an Amish Farm.
(Miniature horse on Amish Farm). Got back on the road.

Got lunch on the way home. Picked up dog, then picked up car, then actually went home.

Sunday morning drove to Aberdeen Proving Ground to watch CAP Encampment Graduation.
Had lunch nearby with other families with cadets from our squadron that were at encampment.

Hubby started Monday the 4th by running in our local 5K.

Monday cadets were supposed to march in Independence Day Parade in our community. Don't know which ones went -- cadets that were at encampment were pretty exhausted and stayed home to recouperate.

Raining now. Local pyrotechnics cancelled, but DC is still doing theirs. We're NOT going to DC!   

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