Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trident Case -A Homeschool Crew Review

In April I learned I had been selected to review the Trident Case Kraken A.M.S. Case for iPod 2/3/4,  a protective iPad cover. I got to pick my preferred color combination, and very soon my package had arrived.  
If the packaging is any indication of the product inside, this should be an amazing product! After I finished fighting to get through the tough plastic packaging, I was faced with a beautiful, closed iPad protective case, one which had the directions (on how to open and close it) packed inside the closed case (that was not easily opened without the instructions). 

I finally "cracked the code" and managed to open the case without damaging it. Getting inside, I found a little Trident Instructional Booklet, but it really said very little. It did not really give instructions on inserting the iPad into the case. But that information is available on YouTube:
Before putting my iPad in it, though,
I got out some cleaning solution and cleaned my iPad scream (ew, dirty!), and while I was at it the plastic screen cover, inside and out. It was a little dusty, whether from the factory or from static picking up bits in my home. 

I put the case on my iPad, and immediately had these observations:
  • My back camera was now able to be used. My iPad slid around in the old protective case, and the camera was regularly half-covered by part of the case.
  • The cute little apple picture on the back of my iPad now shows. I like that feature. It is like saying, "Hey, I paid a lot for my iPad - I want  people to know it is an iPad (and not "just some other tablet)"!

  • The bright blue on black really pops out at me! It is so much easier to see my iPad now than it was before in the plain black cover I had been using.
On the humorous side, I now had to reacquaint myself with my iPad. I didn't remember how to turn it off -- my other pad has a magnetic cover that closes over the screen -- the iPad immediately turns off when you close the screen. Without the closing screen, I couldn't remember how to turn it off.

I also had to get used to which side was supposed to be "up". With the old cover, I always oriented myself by the hinge side of the flip-cover. With the Kraken cover, I orient myself by the bright blue button at the center of the bottom, below the screen.
When I first learned about the Trident Case for iPad 3, I was very pleased because this high-quality product is American made. I was born into a country that was post-World War II, with a mentality toward self-sufficiency and a strong pride in things American made. Trade agreements with other countries were carefully balanced to keep us from importing so much that we would be dependent on other countries, to safeguard us in the event that we became involved in another world war. 

Through the years, that political mentality has changed to the degree that when I shop, it is difficult to find anything (and I do mean anything!) that is made in America. You have to do an internet search to find American-made products, and then they are often difficult to justify because they cost so much more than products made in other countries. I consider the price of the Trident Case for iPad 2/3/4 to be about comparable in cost to other covers available for it, at a price of $69.95.

The Trident Case for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 sports all these features:


The Trident Case has been factory tested with a bat against a cinder block wall!
My son immediately suggested I test the product by dropping my iPad and seeing how well it fared. I decided to just take them at their word (and their video) and not tempt fate -- if I do drop my iPad by accident, that will be soon enough for me to be testing their claims.

I used my Kraken Case for two months. One thing that was different from my previous case (that closed to turn off) was that, with the Kraken Case I accidentally turn the device on when I don't intend to by bumping a button. No big deal, just different for me.

I used my iPad for school, for e-mail, for reading a book. I even took it into the tub (without additional protection; see below), but that wasn't a good idea. I regularly left my iPad lying around, but I didn't worry that someone would sit on it, or that books would crush it, or that the dogs would damage it while they wrestled.

I really like my Kraken Trident Case for my iPad. So, you might ask if there is anything I do not like about my new Kraken cover for my iPad. The main thing I had a problem with was stuff getting between my iPad and the screen cover. This is not the fault of the case itself, which has been designed to keep out dust and debris. This is the fault of my less than perfect house (with three dogs) that makes it difficult to get the screen cover entirely clean before closing my device into the Ft. Knox cover. I don't notice it until I am in certain lighting, and then there will be a hair on my screen. I try to wipe it off, only to find it is between the screens

The Kraken Case is not waterproof -- it does not claim to be. If you are going to be using your iPad where it might get wet, please put your iPad into a zipper storage bag and seal the bag. It's not a guarantee, but it's better than doing nothing in advance of when that pool splashes you unexpectedly as you sit in your lounge chair.

When I had been using my Kraken Case for almost two months, the iPad touch screen began to be unresponsive. I can't tell you how aggravating this can be! But after settling myself down to think, I realized the screen cover might be getting so dirty that the dirt was interfering with the device's ability to detect my touch. So I opened the device, cleaned the iPad screen, the screen cover (inside and out), let it dry completely, and sealed it back up. Presto! That was definitely all that was wrong, a little dirt.

This product is approved for all ages. If you are going to let your three year old use your iPad, for heaven's sake, please, cover it with a Kraken Cover!

So let me know what you think. To see other reviews of this and other types of Trident Cases, click the link below.

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