Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mother's Journal for 11/10/13

In my Life this week....

Monday... my glasses frame broke. I had my old frames, so I had to go to the eye doctor and have them put my current lenses on my old frames. Boy Scouts was Monday night.

Tuesday ...  PT in the morning for my elbow tendinitis. Another doctor in the afternoon.
Wednesday... Eye exam in the morning and ordered new glasses. Another doctor appointment in the afternoon.
Thursday... presurgical physical in the morning, another doctor appointment in the afternoon.
Friday... orthodontist in the morning, lab work and xray for kiddo in the afternoon. And I learned that my cousin died. ::sigh::
Saturday... Scouting for Food for the Boy Scouts. Menu plans done, grocery shopping done.

Two reviews completed, two more to go. Oh, and we home schooled all week, except Friday.

What am I cooking this week.....

My menu plan will post on Monday, but I'm making lots of good things... lasagne, potato soup, enchiladas... You'll see...

I'm reading....

Almost done with
At Home in Dogwood Mudhole. Have more reading planned when that's done.

My favorite thing this week.....

Sorry... a sad week for me. I can't think of a favorite thing.

Kids favorite thing....

Earning lots of money raking leaves.

Helpful Homeschooling Advice....

Don't sweat the homeschool on busy weeks. It'll be okay. Just bump it to the next week.

In our Homeschool this week.....

Got some Bible reading done.

JD not getting square roots and absolute values. Need to park there awhile in Math.

Science going well. JD finished his work on Crystals and moved on to atoms.

History reading this week, we finished reading Brady. JD ended the week on week 50 of America the Beautiful. This included literature readings, map work, time line work, and history readings, plus some Bible work.

Some pictures this week...

 Sky before rain... and just for fun, my son's ear. :)

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