Saturday, October 8, 2011

October - What the Curriculum Choices look like now....

One month in, and my choices have been shifting. I started the school year thinking I was finally transitioning back to Tapestry of Grace. (I used TOG for 8 years with my older students. I loved it, own it, always thought I'd go back to it...) But after embracing Charlotte Mason principles for 5-6 years, I find that thoughts of educating my son using TOG now appear to me... let's see... The analogy that keeps coming to my mind is something like... He's not really thirsty, but I'm insisting he drink, so he grudgingly sits with his mouth open waiting for the drink, and I open up a fire hydrant and deluge him with so much that he cannot take in any of it...

::sigh:: Don't get me wrong-- I still know it is a good curriculum, but I guess I have come to believe it is no longer for me, and it is not for every student, and it is not for my son.

So, anyway, here's what our curriculum choices are looking like right now.

Bible: Awanas and daily Bible reading

Math: Horizon's Math 6

Science: current (week 3 of 8) co-op of Chemistry; will be followed by Apologia Flying Creatures of the 5th Day (with lap-book) (I'm going to get it done this time, dog-gone-it!) Supplemented by Ambleside Online science reading assignments (Madam How and Lady Why and Fabre's Storybook of Science) as well as weekly nature study, using Anna Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study .

Language Arts:
Spelling: All About Spelling
Handwriting: Horizon's Penmanship 3 (all right, he's in 6th, but we never finished this so why buy a 6th grade one -- this one is doing the job) which will be supplemented/substituted at times by copywork related to other assignments
Grammar: I have Easy Grammar 6 and Daily Grams 6, but I am not certain I will actually use them, because I find we are adequately covering Grammar in our Latin studies.
Latin: Starting year with Visual Latin Lessons 1-10 (because I'm reviewing it), then transitioning to First Form Latin (which I am also reviewing), which definitely states you learn the Latin by learning the Grammar first.

History/Geography (Social Studies): Ambleside Online, Year 4 (2 terms) to Year 5 (1 term)

Art: Ambleside Online Artist Study, (but not following their schedule, rather studying artists I choose)

Music: Ambleside Online Composer Study (but not following their schedule, rather studying composers my co-op partner and I choose)

PE: During Spring and Fall co-op, participating in Physical Education activities offered there; other times during the year regularly particupating in physical activities and documenting it.

Health: I hate that my state requires that we actually intentionally (separately) provide instruction in this course and document it, as if it isn't already a part of our lifestyle... That said, I think I have the 6th Grade A Beka Health sitting ready to work through sometime this year.

What I use will continue to be tweaked as TOS Crew gives me different things to use. I am especially hoping to receive the Artistic Pursuits book for my son's grade level!

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