Saturday, February 4, 2012

Outdoor Hour bumped yet again...

It seems like it was something I ate... Anyway, an intestinal ailment threw me under the bus this week, and our nature walk has been postponed until Monday. Our week focused, instead, on watching the birds feeding on the seed we put out on our deck.

This week we spotted hoards of dark-eyed junkos, song sparrows, cardinals, and ...squirrels. (Yes, I know, they're not birds...) I don't think we saw our nuthatches or our wood peckers this week. I'm going to try to get JBoy to write down what he sees this next week.

[Unfortunately, we live in suburbia. Hubby saw the auto-floodlight kick on one night this week only to see something furry escaping from the lighted area. We have to conclude that we are not only feeding the birds but also winter rats, which we don't want, so we need to find some ways to revise what we are doing so that we are not also attracting the undesireables... ::sigh::]


  1. Have you considered making a suet for the birds? You could hang it where it would be more difficult for the rats. Sorry, I don't have a link, but recipes are quite easy to find for suet.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. We still need to figure out the best method. We love birdwatching from our front kitchen bay window, but we can't put food out there easily; it is 12 feet off the ground. Our back sliding glass door has a deck, but nothing to easily hang a suet source from.

    For now it is still food on a plate for the birds on the deck. :)