Saturday, December 17, 2011

December update

Our schedule this week was disrupted by Standardized Testing. My church's umbrella offered it (for a fee). My son had never done it, and I knew my husband was favorable to having him tested. I decided to go for it, because my son is in 6th grade. I know PSATs come in 10th grade, and there are very few opportunities for home schooled students to get experience taking the tests where you read the test booklet on the left and fill in the answers on the answer sheet on the right. I didn't want the PSAT to be the first time my son experienced this type of test. My umbrella only offers it every other year, so this is his first experience. In a couple of years it will be something he knows how to do because he did it before, and two years after that he starts college pre-tests and then SATs.

In addition to him testing Monday, Tuesday and Friday, we had a field trip Wednesday to a local theater to a live production of The Sound of Music. I used my time to do minor things like get my license renewed, wrapping Christmas presents, and sewing. So I didn't realize how long it had been since my last entry! I really meant to do our nature walk yesterday, but even that didn't get done.

So, I don't know whether we'll get nature walks done before school resumes in our house in January. We'll see. I will be reviewing some products soon: World's Greatest Stories; Real Homeschool Spanish; Zeezok Movie Guides; and Maestro Classics. So, stay tuned!

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