Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Good School Day

Amidst being a taxi for dd#2, I managed to have a great homeschooling with ds!

8:30 dd was taken to Spanish by her wonderful dad.

9:30 I picked her her up, and of course ds was with us.  DD had had a bad class, not doing well on two quizzes on some new material that had been introduced while she was away out of state.  Now, having missed two weeks of classes, she's going to have to really hussle to get back up to speed with the rest of the class.

Home again, dd studied in her room and ds watched a bit of television while I got some things done. (It started because I needed a heater in the classroom, and I remembered there should be one around here, so I was looking in the attic.)  (I know… ::gasp!  she let's her son watch the tele right in the middle of the school day?…::  Well, I'm working on it, okay?)  After a bit, time for lunch, then dd to her afternoon class at 1:50.  I thought we were going to do some schooling while she was there, but ds got caught up in some other activity, and I remembered I a book sell on the interent that I needed to pack up and get to the post office.

3:10, picked dd up from her class.  Post Office, then home again.  This time ds and I really got busy.  First, he (on his own initiative) began doing several pages from his math book!  Now, it is a 1st Grade math book and he is only supposed to be in K, but I'm starting to find he's ready for 1st in many of the schoolwork…  After quite a bit of Math, I had him do some work from our English book, and then he did some pages from our Phonics book. 

I still would like to get serious and disciplined about daily Bible, as well as make sure I am not short changing him in Science, History, Art, Music and PE, but we really do get those, just not as often as I would like, nor in as organized a fashion as I would like.

Well, we played Uno tonight, just he and I, as dad and dd were at a 4-H meeting.  It was a great day through and through.  I read some about early North America and the conquistadors after Uno, and last night I was reading about the five senses, so that is an example that these are getting covered. I just think he'd retain it more and we'd both enjoy it more if I dove-tailed the subject material with hands on stuff.  I'd elaborate, but I'm afraid this computer is going to lock up before I can transmit this post, so I am going to quit for now. 

Blessings to you all!


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